Housewife rape in Tangail

Published :2 November, 2018
Md. Al-Amin Khan
Chief Reporter

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A housewife was raped in Tangail’s father’s house. The incident took place on Thursday (November 1) in Kuraliyapara village under Banail union of Mirzapur upazila. The mother of the victim raped Rajib Mia and filed a case with the police. Rajib is the son of Shahanur Mia of Kurliyapara village.

Police sources said that the wife of Pathailil village of Delduar upazila of the neighboring district visited Kuriliyapara village of Banail union under Mirzapur upazila to visit her father’s house. In the morning on Thursday (November 1), the girl’s father went to the jamurki Center for the JSC examinations with her mother in school and mother. On this occasion, Rajib Mia (25) of the house next to the housewife got her house and forced her to enter the house and raped her. The rape victim Rajib Mia escaped when the house surrounded the house after hearing the rape of the victim.

Rape victim’s mother visits the house. Later, the accused filed a case with the Mirzapur Police Station against the girl. Case No. 1-11-18 / 1 On Friday (October 2nd), the father of the victim came to Mirzapur press club and told the incident of rape.

Inspector of Mirzapur Police Station sub-inspector Khokan Kumar said that the victim was taken to Tangail General Hospital for treatment. Apart from this, police operations are continuing to arrest rapist Rajib, he said.

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