Now fishing is not caught in the net

Published :28 July, 2018
Gono Biplob

Own reporter, Tangail

Do not get fish in the net again. When we first went to the river, we found fish. Before going to bed, the fishermen used to go to the river. How much time is left (abandoned land) fake bait Tens of hours ago, I used to fish fish in the market before the nets. No one has to share. The only thing I could do was to keep the family chaila. All the fish in the fish. Do not get fish if you want to open water. Hey the fish to give the fish a little. One day when a fish in a pond dug the fish, then the next day unemployed books. According to this, Phanindra Rajbongshi of Jail Parra of Pathrail in Delduar upazila of Tangail. Many fishermen communities like Phanindra are now living in a humble way. Due to the destruction of mother fish, use of netting net, pesticide and excessive chemical fertilizers in agricultural land, rivers, canals, canals and water bodies are being polluted. Because of this, fisheries in the region, including the district fish office, seem to have lost much of the fish in the water compared to earlier.

A few days ago, it was said that the fisheries were Bengali-Bengali people. Goose paddy and pond fish were available to every Bengali. There was no exception in the nineties. Since the 21st century Bengal shook from the door, it started to lose the name of the Bengali people. Due to extensive use of pesticides and over-the-counter chemical fertilizers in agriculture, rivers, canals, bills and water bodies are being polluted. As a result the transparent water of the pond is becoming poisonous. Due to poisonous water the domestic fish decreased. Besides, due to the destruction of fish fishes with pests and current netting at the beginning of the monsoon, the fish are not growing. Meanwhile, due to the cultivation of foreign varieties of hybrid varieties of foreign countries, the local fish species have been threatened with existence of more than 50 species of fish. Due to the decrease of fish in the rivers of Tangail, fishermen in the region are leaving day after day. Poverty fishermen can not go to any other profession due to failure to catch fish. As a result, many people are living in a dormant life.

Tasty domestic fishes like native species of fish, especially Magura, Chapila, Shing, Pabbada, Taki, Rui, Catal, Mrigel, Chital, Rita, Guji Aid, Kai, Boal, and Khewalas are no longer visible to them.

Desh Sarputi, Gajar, Zebra, Aang, Bamas, Tatkini, Titapunti, Bagha Aid, Gulsha, Kajli, Gang Magura, Chala, Bansi, Bourani, Tengra, Kani Pabda, Panti, Molla, Blackbus, Shol, Mahasol, Rita, Ta 40 to 50 species of fish are lost due to sandy.

Fisherman Laxman Rajbangshi said that once the fish were in the boat, the boat would have been boiled. But now 5 percent of the fish can not be caught. As the fish falls in the canal, many fishermen are leaving the job of Baba-Dadar. Before independence, the family could easily leave the open riverbed. Now there is no fish in the open river, due to lack of fish in the pond cultivated as a dandamujur. It takes a couple of days to catch fish in such a pond, but most of the days are cut short.

Fisheries accuse that no one can take any step to implement the year round even though during the festive week every year dreams of several steps.

District Fisheries Office said, there are 41,495 ponds in the district. There are also 298 bills, 3 bahors, 4 pen culture 4, 8 rivers and 128 canals. The demand for fish in the area is 73 thousand metrittens. Due to decreasing fish in open water, fish production is not being fulfilled by increasing fish farming in closed water. There are currently hybrids of various varieties of fish. As a result, the fish, snails and other aquatic animals have reduced reproduction in the pond and dawn after mixing these chemicals. Meanwhile, while cultivating hybrid fish in hopes of more profit, local fish has been extinct from the ponds.

District Fisheries Officer Nurul Islam said the use of pesticides and over-the-counter chemical fertilizers in the field of agricultural water is being polluted by rivers, canal-bills and water bodies. And because of this, natural fish has decreased much earlier. Once the fishermen could drive the fish well. But now they are struggling to run their family.
He further said, ‘Hatchery will be set to conserve domestic fish. Many people have been trained to implement this project already. “If there is less water, then seasonal fish will be cultivated, he said.

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