Three doctors for five lakh people in Bhuapur

Published :6 February, 2018
Gono Biplob

Special correspondent:

In Tangail Bhuapur 50-bed-top upazila hospital, only five lakh people treatment have only three doctors. According to official rules, there are 28 specialist doctors who are going to be experts. There are officially approved 18 doctors, but only three are working. For a long time these people are being deprived of medical services. Meanwhile, due to the increase in the incidence of winter sickness, the number of patient rises in the hospital. But in the hospital they do not have a doctor, they have to go to clinics and district towns. Especially the poor people who are being eaten out in the charcoal area are severely deprived of medical treatment.

It is found that, in the 50-bed modern hospital, the medical crisis is underway for a long time. There is no step for the concerned division to resolve the crisis. As the hospital was located at the upazila border, many patients came to take treatment from Ghatail, Gopalpur and Kalihati upazilas including upazilas. But doctors and nurses are not getting any services because of the necessity of emergency treatment, but doctors and nurses are getting treatment in different clinics. Poor patients in the neighborhood and the poor families, victims of extreme suffering, are also benefited by the financially expensive family of patients who take money through the clinic or the city.

According to the hospital sources, there are 28 doctors with 9 consultants, including government, medicines, surgery, throat, anesthesia, pediatrician, orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmic, nose-throat and dental surgeon. There are only eight doctors who are working in the hospital on paper. Five of them are in the deputation. Being a senior officer, he was posted in a hospital in posting, but he worked in different rented hospitals and clinics in Dhaka. Some doctors have no interest in seeing poor patients in remote areas. As long as he was, he was accused of behaving badly with the patients. Although the terms of the nurses are in accordance with the rules, there are many irregularities with the duty. One among the office assistants is one. They also office at the opportune time. Health Assistant posts are vacant in five.  Three people are supposed to have a security guard in the hospital throughout the large area. There are only one. As a result of the duty of the night, the day became a playground for the day, and on duty in the day sitting on the drug drug hat. The authorities claim that there is no old X-ray machine in the hospital for a long time. But the patients do not have any X-ray complaint. Ultrasogram is a machine, but it does not have any sunolist because it is also crippled. There are only some tests called pathological lab but there are allegations of taking more money. A long time ago, the old ambulance hit the Bangabandhu Bridge West Police Station a couple of months ago. Recently it was recovered and left unattended. The residents of the hospital have said that the health services of the hospital have broken down due to lack of proper authorities.

Nasima Begum of BeltiaPara village said that she came to the hospital with skin diseases and fever. Without getting a doctor in the hospital, take a check of Tk. 500 for a local private clinic and 9 00 rupees test. There is no poor medical treatment. If you give money to the doctor, do not give it. Abul Hashem of Betua village said, the doctor does not have a hospital office. Nahi tehaya neaya patient in the house Medical Nurses Aya Medicare Those who work in the hospital are comfortable.

Meanwhile, there are various complaints about the upazila health and family planning officer. Against Abu Samar. He has been busy working in the field of irregular office, every clinic in the area, and he is busy with the operation of Alsthanogram and Al Rajee Clinic in elenga, owned by his own kalihati. He was not found to have contacted him about the allegations.

Resident Medical Officer Zahiduzzaman said that, due to his brother’s duty, he himself had to be patient. Doctors should be transferred to the deputations, or they should do the duty of the hospital. They will not go, the post will not be empty. The authorities will not even give the doctor Not only that, the senior authority wishes to give all the doctors and employees according to the rules.

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