Application for MBSTU students

Published :31 January, 2019
MBSTU Correspondent
Santosh, Tangail

Maulana Bhashani Science and Technology University 2018-19 The University’s Department of Social and Cultural Student has appealed to the university administration to demand central renewal and cultural program for the academic year. The written application was submitted to the Proctor’s office at 12:00 pm on Wednesday.

The president and general secretary of 12 organizations signed the petition. The university proctor recommends the dean and chairmanship of the meeting to take necessary measures.

University’s branch’s Chhatra League cultural secretary Kazi Sabbir Roman said that the university does not have central renewal for almost 4 years. Students do not develop a healthy mental development if they do not have cultural programs at the university, the students are involved in various criminal activities, including disappointments and drug addiction. Necessity is needed for healthy mental development and senior-junior good relations.

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