Buy vegetables in cheap cheer in tangail

Published :7 January, 2019
Md. Al-Amin Khan
Executive Editor

Prices of winter vegetables were reduced due to the import of many vegetables in Tangail market. As a result, people buy cheap vegetables and smile in the face of the buyer. In the last one week, 40 kg of kegi brinjal is sold at Tk 20. Besides, around 5 to 20 kg kg of vegetables have been reduced in vegetables.

On the other hand, different prices of similar products were seen in the market in Tangail city market, Sixaani, Panchani Bazar, Battala, Sabalia, Amin Bazar (Godown Bazar), New Bus Terminal Market, Baoya Bazar and Sabalia Battala Market. However, prices of winter vegetables have dropped in all markets.

The last week’s price is sold at 35 rupees of the carrot of 20 yards, 40 rupees brinjal is sold at Tk 20-25, 30 rupees paiz is sold at Tk 25-26, 40 cusecs of cucumbers are sold at 28-30 rupees, and 50 rupees tomato is being sold 30- 35 taka bean is sold at Tk 20-25, new potato worth Tk 50 is sold at Tk 40-42, 60 taka barat is sold at Tk 40-45, sweet pumpkin of 100 rupees is being sold -70 rupees, 120 rupees gourds being sold at Tk 50-60, 0-5 cauliflower worth Rs 60, Rs 40, Rs Cabbage 2022. Similarly, in the past one week, the prices of each winter of vegetables decreased.

Vegetables dealers Ruhul Amin, Mominur Rahman, Tangail City Market, and many others said that vegetables are being sold at a very low price due to high import of vegetables. Vegetables cultivator Abdul Mannan and Ali Ali of Dainya area of ​​Tangail Sadar upazila said they cultivated cauliflower-barahpak in two and acre area. The market was quite a while back. But suddenly the prices of vegetables decreased because they fear losses.

Many of the retailers of the retail market in the market, including Abu Hanif, Daun, Jewel Mia, said that the prices were reduced due to locally grown in the market in the last week and due to the arrival of many winter vegetables from the northern region. They sell at a price higher than they buy at a price. Run your own family expenses by making profits in it.

Najimuddin, Rasu Mia, Abdur Rahman, Nayaamat Ali, Kamal Ravidas, Abdul Jalil, who came to Batala Bazar to buy vegetables in Sabalia Market, said they are very happy to buy winter vegetables at a much lower price than last week. Because of the high intensity of winter, the price of vegetables has decreased due to low prices, they think. But they think they can increase prices if the weather gets dry.

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