Celebrate the Disability Day in Kalihati

Published :3 December, 2018
Gono Biplob

The world’s 27th World Disability Day and the 20th National Disability Day were celebrated in Kalihati of Tangail just like the whole country, in front of the theme, if they are not able to be disabled, they can do it.

On Monday morning, a huge rally on the occasion of World and National Disability Day organized by Paus disabled students in the district of Alanga, started from the front of the university and ended in the school premises after crossing different roads of the municipality.

Presided over by the chairperson of Palli Development Agency (Pauses) Syed Saifuzzaman Masud, the meeting was also addressed, among others, by the General Secretary of Upazila Bacchis, Vice-President of Palli Vikas Sangstha (Paus) and Nazrul Islam, President of Pausa Disabled School, Humayun Kabir, Former vice-president of the Alanga Press Club, Das Pure, former general secretary Maqdur Rahman Milon and Mushfiqur Rahman Milton Pram The way

Speakers at the discussion meeting said that the disabled people should not have the burden of society, they should be transformed into assets, they will have to be developed and qualified. The present government has taken various developmental steps for improving the lives of disabled people. Let us stand by them in empowerment of people with disabilities and on the same journey. Then they will be able to participate in important tasks in the future.

More than three hundred people attended the rally and discussion meeting organized by the Palli Vikas Sangstha (Paus) and in the Paus disabled schools.

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