RAB’s special patrol in Tangail

Published :8 November, 2018
Md. Al-Amin Khan
Executive Editor

RAB-12 has started a special patrol in Tangail to normalize law and order situation on Thursday (08 November) during the eleventh parliamentary election schedule. Members of the RAB-12 Tangail Camp on Wednesday (07 November) patrol the city.

RAB-12 CPC-3 Tangail Company Commander (In charge) Md. Khalilur Rahman said on Wednesday (07 November) in a press release in the evening that the schedule of eleven parliamentary elections will be announced on Thursday. Under the announcement, the law and order situation of the country may be difficult to deteriorate. RAB’s security arrangements have been made in Tangail for that purpose. They are working with the protection of law and order.

He said that detective surveillance has been tightened in sensitive areas in white robes. On Wednesday, RAB -12 members, comprising motorcycles and multiple pickups, patrolled the important places along with the various places of the district. No one will be given any discounts either by the disciplinary person. They will be suppressed by their harsh hands. He said the special protection activities of RAB-12 will continue until the end of the election.

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