Saidur’s earnest apply to the Prime Minister

Published :2 February, 2019
Md. Al-Amin Khan
Executive Editor

Prime Minister
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Subject: A remorse of my life.

Regardless of respect, it is a humble prayer that I mean that you are a member of the Awami League family. Third round, you are the Prime Minister because of the red rose greetings. I want you to be the Prime Minister of Bangladesh forever. May Allah bless you with the increase. Because if you are the job of the jobless unemployed people of the country. But I passed SSC and 1997 HSC in 1994 for a jobless government job. But due to these two certificates, I changed my name to SSC in 2010 and passed HSC in 2012. In the past you could not take any government service while in government. You have become the government in the elections in 2018. This is the first time that my next certificate has passed again. But before leaving, there is an application in Zone 6. I do not want you money. I think more than five hundred applications have been filed, so I remember you with a hope. This is the last hope of orphan child without parents. This orphan boy will hope you get this job.

Wish you good health and you will be ahead in Bangladesh till 2041. May Allah bless you

Your Awami League family member
Md. Saidur Rahman
Father dead Lal Mia
Village and Post Office.
Upazila: Kalihati, District: Tangail

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