Serving own duties exhibits national values: Nirab

Published :19 September, 2017
Gono Biplob

Entertainment Desk:

Actor-model Nirab Hossain stepped into the showbiz realm through his modeling ventures in the early parts of his career.

Leaving accomplished streaks in the small screen alongside some TV commercials, he ascended himself as a film star in 2008, being chased by his boyhood dreams literally.

The star of ‘Bhola to Jay Na Tare’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘Mon Jekhane Hridoy Sekhane’ among some of his wide-discussed films, Nirab is now waiting for the release of his Bollywood debutant ‘Sheitaan’ against Kavita Radheshyam.

Ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, Nirab shared his thoughts regarding the largest Muslim festival, in a conversation with Banglanews recently.

Where are you celebrating Eid-ul-Azha this time?

Nirab: We have been living in Dhaka Cantonment area since my childhood. Therefore, it can’t allure me whatever the other places have to offer. I wish to attend the eid jamaat here in my locality, like the preceding years.

Have you ever engaged yourself in peeling off a cattle or preparing the meat after slaughtering the sacrificial animals?

Nirab: Why not? Each time I have to do it. Because, I am the younger son in the house. Of my three brothers and a sister, I’m the youngest one. Therefore, it can be said that even I’m imposed with the responsibility (smiling). However, I enjoy it as cattle slaughtering is one of the best part of eid.

Have you ever slaughtered animal by your own hand?

Nirab: No, no. I didn’t do that ever. Usually, there are men who are adjusted to do it.

How about your newbie? Say about your eid offerings to her?

Nirab: Juyainah (Nirab’s daughter) is mere 3-month-old now. And it’s not possible for her to express like how she feels, at such ages. Being father of a newborn, it really ushered satisfaction for me, as she had a worthy place in me.
I didn’t shopping for her yet, marking this eid. It will be done tomorrow or the next day of it.

Which fashion outlets you visit frequently while shopping in Dhaka?

Nirab: Usually, Ecstasy and Yellow.

How about hanging out with friends during eid days?

Nirab: We friends will assemble during the festival, for sure. Our heart-to-heart chat sessions are now limited only among us. The way we friends spend time altogether, similar can’t be done in other cases.

Have you ever visited ‘haat’ (market place) of sacrificial cattles? If so, then what’s your take on it?

Nirab: I usually go there and the experience was quite good. Waking up in the morning…visiting the ‘haat’ for buying cattle…its really amazing and exciting. I think the haat is a place worth enjoying. Actually, my family select up me for buying the sacrificial cattle each time. It doesn’t matter to them whether I’m tired of it. But, I have to serve the duty (smiling).

Anything you want say to your fans on the eve of eid?

Nirab: I wish to urge everyone to keep the city clean as it will see huge wastes and bloodsheds after slaughtering the animal. If everyone cleans his respective place immediately, then it won’t cost much effort.

Besides, everyone should remain concern while cutting off the raw-hides, because it has crucial contribution in our national interest. I think, serving own duties with due significance also demonstrates someone’s inclination towards national values.

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