Shakil is successful in cultivating multiple crops in one land

Published :30 April, 2021
Md. Al-Amin Khan
Executive Editor

Shakil Ahmed, a young agriculturist, has succeeded in cultivating cucumber, blackberry watermelon and melon in a land in Delduar of Tangail. The area has responded to the good yield of three crops in one of its lands. Seeing his success, the farmers of the area also decided to cultivate vegetables in a modern way with his training. He is the son of Abdul Karim of Gomjani village in Atia union of the upazila and a student of Noakhali University of Science and Technology.

Shakil Ahmed said he passed SSC in 2012 from the neighboring Chilimpur MA Karim High School in 2012. Major General Mahmudul Hasan completed his HSC from Adarsh ​​College in Tangail in 2014. He completed his BSc in Noakhali University of Science and Technology (NOUST) in 2020 from the Department of Agriculture. The money saved by the family due to the first lockdown was then almost at the end. The economic downturn in the family, dragged. I thought something should be done instead of sitting down. After the lockdown relaxed he started applying for private jobs. Although the lockdown was relaxed, the private sector was in crisis due to the Corona disaster. After the application, he received a call for Vivar from several marketing companies and the admin branch of a private hospital. After learning about the salary, work pressure and time at the end of Viva, he thought it was unrealistic to expect a very comfortable or a little better salary after finishing BSc. He then shakes off the thought of a job and decides to do something related to his subject, where he will work on his own and at least two people will benefit from working with him. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced that not even an inch of land should remain uncultivated. As a student of the Department of Agriculture, Shakil has been successful in working at home with the project of vegetable cultivation and family nutrition needs in the homestead of the Department of Agricultural Extension. With that goal in mind, he began searching the Internet and YouTube for what could be grown commercially. Shakil told his father about the idea of ​​cultivating squash, cucumber, watermelon and melon from a video on Krishi Samachar channel on YouTube. Assured by his father, he decided to cultivate in a different way. He cultivates in a modern method of advanced technology brought from India with the aim of getting higher yield with less labor. As a result, no additional labor was required on the land. At first he was successful in cultivating squash. Since then he has been cultivating cucumbers, watermelons and melons. At first, he planted 12 cucumber trees in 23 percent of the 45 percent of the land. He has cultivated watermelon in 15 percent of the area and Bhangi in the rest. Although the project cost him Tk 18,000, he has sold cucumbers for around Tk 50,000 in the last 14 days. In addition, cucumbers are being sold for three and a half to four thousand rupees every day. Bhangi will pick up watermelons and sell them in the market in the week before Eid. Apart from this, he has cultivated corolla and duldul with fence with net all around. He also cultivated red spinach and data in the empty space of the bed and sold it for five thousand rupees. People from nearby villages including his own village come to see his farming. The project is using sex pheromone traps to control insects.

Shakil, an agriculturist, has had to face new experiences and criticism while cultivating in the window machang method. He said, “I have new experience in farming in a modern way.” In my whole area, including the surrounding villages, modern farming methods are a completely new concept. They had never seen it before. Since they had no idea about it, after I gave it to my land, everyone started criticizing him or he went crazy after passing the varsity. Coming from the farmer. I have endured everything with all the harsh words that had the support of the family today when I have achieved success and they have noticed the benefits in the modern way now they themselves have become interested in it so I do my best. This has created awareness about a new technology and its acceptance among them.

Shakil Ahmed said he had encouraged everyone in the village of Corona who had vacant land in their homes to cultivate vegetables and had provided seeds and advice from himself. In his village, everyone always had one crop before. They did nothing but cultivate paddy. He persuaded the local farmers to cultivate potatoes and maize by holding a few backyard meetings. Several farmers in the village have become interested in squash cultivation after seeing the cucumber, watermelon and melon project. Advised on line, logo, perching (LLP) method for paddy to make the farmer interested in improved farming system.

Zahidur Rahman, Shahar Ali and Selim Ahmed of the village said, “Before, only paddy was cultivated in our village. Watermelon has never been cultivated before. There was no thought of vegetable cultivation. Shakil’s modern farming method was a joke at first but now we are proud of his success. We decided to cultivate like him with training from him. People come from far and wide to see his farming methods. ‘

Shakil dreams of working in a wide range of rural agriculture. He said settlement land is increasing. However, agricultural land is declining day by day. I want to work on a large scale with agriculture, especially rural agriculture. I want to do this with three or four friends. We will work on how to produce more crops at lower cost as well as how to market the products directly to the consumers by reducing the violence of brokers and peddlers. Vegetables will be cultivated again before the next flood. There are also plans to cultivate vegetables over the flood waters.

Shakil’s father Abdul Karim said, ‘I also support his project. Its fruit

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