Still I insist my seniors for eid salami: Tanjib

Published :19 September, 2017
Gono Biplob

Entertainment Desk:

Popular singer-songwriter-composer Tanjib Sarowar delivered a broad number of hit singles over the last few years. Apart from singing, he also won hearts of many through his vibrant appearance in the music-videos.

Following massive tremble by his groundbreaking ‘Meghmilon’ in 2013 and ‘Dil Amar’ in 2015, the success story continues flawlessly with ‘Miththa Shikhali’, ‘Evabei’, ‘Ki Maya’, ‘Okaron’ to the latest ‘Ek Shohor Bhalobasha’.

On the eve of releasing his latest track ‘DJ Raja’ ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, Tanjib shared his thoughts upon the festival, in a conversation with Banglanews.

Where are you celebrating Eid-ul-Azha?

Tanjib: I used to celebrate eid at the ancestral home in my childhood. Afterwards, I shifted the festival celebration to Dhaka as my father became ill here. Since his ailment, it became regular in Dhaka.

Where do you attend eid jamaat here?

Tanjib: Dhanmondi, each year.

Tell about sharing out your eid times?

Tanjib: I will spend time with friends and family. That’s all.

Which points in the city you opt for to be friendzoned?

Tanjib: In general, I hang out with my gangs at around Metro Shopping Mall, Plaza AR, Sobhanbgah and Mohammadpur.

Have you ever engaged yourself in peeling off a cattle or preparing the meat after slaughtering the sacrificial animal?

Tanjib: Every year. I enjoy it. Basically, I lend a helping hand in that part.

Have you ever slaughtered animal by your own hand?

Tanjib: Nope. It hasn’t been done yet.

What about shopping?

Tanjib: In most cases, my parents force me to do shopping, as I’m not so concentrated on it. They support me on working on my outfit and looks. I have shopped marking the eid, despite of taking it no essential, as there are dresses lying in the room taken a few days ago for shooting (laughing).

Which fashion outlets you visit frequently while shopping in Dhaka?

Tanjib: Actually, choice matters to me. It doesn’t matter which brand manufactured the item. I visit randomly from Metro, Rapa, Plaza AR, or Bashundhara city— closer at my hands. But New Market is an amazing place to me. I go there too. In childhood, my mom took there me for shopping or having snacks, after my coaching time mostly. Ok, now ask me about eid salami? (Smiling)

Alright, tell about how do you handle it?

Tanjib: I make huge fun on it. I stubbornly insist my seniors for offering me salamis. By any means, I realise it from them (laughing). Some of them say, “You have become Tanjib now, so you lend me some money.”

How about exchanging greetings with your fans?

Tanjib: I’m earnestly responsive to my fans. I response to their hi-hello’s whether in a meet at the street or over the phone. On eid days, I will share joys responding them in Facebook also.


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