Tangail tobacco cultivation

Published :4 February, 2019
Md. Al-Amin Khan
Executive Editor

In Tangail, farmers have been interested in cultivating maize instead of tobacco for several years, but this time the poisonous tobacco cultivation has spread. In spite of the temptation of the Tobacco Company, peasants are keen towards tobacco cultivation in order to get more profits. Fertilizing application of ‘Kargil’ fertilizer in tobacco cultivation leads to increasing health risks of the farmer and his family, crop fields are losing fertile power.

It has been reported that tobacco cultivation of Tangail is very high in Gopalpur, Bhuapur, Kalihati, Tangail Sadar, Delduar and Nagarpur upazilas. The district is known as the West Area Charter of 6 upazilas of the district. All the pastures of Jamuna, Dhaleshwari, Lohazang and New Dhaleshwari have been silted during monsoon every year. As a result, the land in these areas is fertile. Because the land was sand and doosha soil, once a month, crops like maize and maize, corn, sugar, cawn, wheat, potato, sugarcane, nut etc. were produced in more quantity. Local farmers have been enticed by the multinational and domestic Tobacco companies to cultivate those crops, instead of cultivating ‘Biswas’ Tobacco cultivation in the hope of higher profits. Tobacco cultivation in Bangladesh has been reduced due to the efforts of the officials of the Department of Agriculture, since the government took various initiatives to produce alternate agricultural produce. But this year Tobacco Company’s representatives have increased the amount of tobacco cultivation a few times as well as giving more cash to the farmers, as well as cash, seeds and irrigation as cash (capital) for farmers.

It is learned that some other companies, including British American Tobacco Company, Dhaka Tobacco Company, Akij Tobacco Company, Abul Khair Tobacco Company, various , cigarette and jarda company, are encouraging local farmers to cultivate tobacco through their representatives. Tobacco companies are encouraging the farmers to cultivate this, as there is no government ban.

In tobacco cultivation, multinational companies are extending money, seeds and fertilizers and helping to cultivate tobacco in various ways. When the government is trying to encourage farmers to cultivate other crops instead of tobacco cultivation, it is only noticeable that tobacco cultivation is gradually increasing in the absence of the tobacco company.

Tangail’s Govindasi, Jagatpura Bamanhata, Char Nikla, Nikrail, Palima, Amula, Singuria of Ghatail upazila, Sonakandor, Taltala, Kalihati upazila’s Salla, Depur, Char Hamajani, Kadim Hamajani, Patal, Beri Patal, Dholakan, Jokchar, Gohali Bari, Korsabenu, Gobindapur, Dhalatengar, Nalin of Gopalpur upazila, Shakharia, Sonamui, Kalibari, Hemnagar, Naruchi, Kakua of Tangail Sadar, Hughra, Katuli, Ma Tobacco cultivation is spread across the horizon in areas such as Mud Nagar, Char Pouli, Elsin in Delduar upazila, Deoli, Lohati, Pakutia of Nagarpur, Bhadra, Bakra, Atagram, Solimabad, Dhuburia, Mokna, Banagram, Shahjani etc. Meanwhile, the number of tobacco cultivation in Bhuapur, Kalihati, Tangail Sadar and Nagarpur upazilas is the highest. Although there is ‘poison in smoke’, due to the motivation and health awareness of the Department of Agriculture, only the farmers are facing tobacco cultivation in the hope of more profit.

Farmers involved in tobacco cultivation and their families have complained about the hazardous aspects of tobacco cultivation, or there is no step for the agricultural officers to stop the cultivation. According to them, Tobacco Company is supplying five kg of fertilizers and quantity of tobacco seeds per cent of the land. About one thousand Money of tobacco production can be made per tobacco cultivation. Despite the fact that the fertility of the soil was wasted, the farmers were less productive and the farmers were being bullied by this cultivation. Farmers have acknowledged the loss of agricultural land due to the use of kargil fertilizers or additional fertilizers. But the profit is more than that, as well as saying the same.

Farmer families say that they have physical problems in keeping the house dry with tobacco drying. Many people in the home are suffering from skin diseases, asthma, asthma, etc. They complained that the companies did not provide for the use of apron or mask on health consciousness, but provided seeds and fertilizers to increase tobacco cultivation. Dermatology and respiration in their hands.

Kalihati Upazila tobacco farmer Sona Mia said that he had cultivated tobacco in 15 acres of land this year. Money one thousand Money per acre cost of cultivation and profit by selling one thousand one and a half thousand Money per acre. In the meantime, on behalf of Tobacco Company, for cash, fertilizer and care, the cardholders are given a cash loan of up to Tk. If tobacco is cultivated, then a person needs to sit on the body only, do not capitalize. Explaining the tobacco to the company, the profit is in the house. He said that for cultivating kalai, nuts, sugar etc. in this same land, they have to invest their capital. Not only can labor be done for labor, but it also has half or a quarter (one quarter) of tobacco consumption. So he cultivates tobacco. Almost the same thing, local Rajab Ali, Hanif and Mortuz Ali Nagarpur’s Mufidul, Rupkhan, Azizul, Tangail Sadar’s Ajgar Ali, Rashid Miah, Antaz Ali, all their statements are almost the same. But they think that before the farmers did not cultivate tobacco, they used to understand them, but still not the same. Moreover, they can not get anymore. So what will happen? They used to cultivate tobacco for more profit.

Expert doctors said that if you are involved in tobacco cultivation for a long time, there are many chances of getting infected with cancer, stomach disorders, chest pain and neck pain. Home Poisoning

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