Tow murder case mystery exposures in Tangail

Published :31 January, 2019
Md. Al-Amin Khan
Executive Editor

Two murders named Monwara Begum (37) of Basail of Tangail and Madhupur Md. Abdul Kader (40) revealed the mystery of case. On Wednesday (January 30th) at the conference room of Tangail, Superintendent of Police Sanjit Kumar Roy said such information through a press conference.

A copy of the written press conference is revealed that on December 31, the wife of the widow Dhala Mia of Nathkhola village in Basail cut her leg and cut her throats in her own house, miscreants killed her. Later, Monwara Begum’s brother-in-law said. Abdul Kader’s wife Taslima Khatun Khuki (28) filed a murder case with the Basail Police Station on 1 January. Case No. 1

After 22 days of the case, the Superintendent of Police Sanjit Kumar Roy filed the case for investigation into the case by District Detective Police (DB) South Officer Incharge Sheamal Kumar Datta. Later, the murder case was filed with DB South SI Jahangir Alam, SI Obaidur Rahman and SI Alamgir Kabir, using information technology, in the Basail’s Kashail West Para village. Wajed Ali Mia son. Rahim Mia (26), the plaintiff of the case, Mohammad Akuya Chak Para village of Kalihati. Abdul Quader’s wife Taslima Khatun, 28, son of Fazlul Haque of Akur Takura Para area of Tangail city and Tangail’s brother. Al-Amin (19) was arrested in connection with the murder and three people were confessed to the murder on Tuesday (January 29th) for giving confessional statement to the court. Entered the senior Judicial Magistrate Md. Shamsul Alam, Abdullah Al Masud, Md. Aminul Islam.

It is known from the written confession that according to the pre-plan, on Dec 31 night, eating sleeping medicine with Fizup weakened Monwara Begum and tied his hands and legs with a sharp weapon cut his legs and fingers and slaughtered him. The killer used. Rahim Miah has been rescued with a blood clothed pants, a pair of shoes and a motorcycle used in the killings. The superintendent of police supposes the killer was killed due to the misuse of drugs, parasites and money.

On the other side, on January 10 from Madhupur forest. Police recovered the bodies of Abdul Kader Mia. The dead brother Mobarak Hossain filed a murder case with the Madhupur Police Station on January 13. Although a week passed, the police could not find any clue. On Jan 23, a person named Osman Gani was arrested and arrested by the Madhupur Police Station. According to the information provided by him, Abu Taleb and Saeed Rahman were arrested and three people confessed to the confessional confession.

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